Welcome. Microsphere Technology is an innovative materials technology company specialising in the coating of microspheres.

The core activity of the company is the development of novel coated microparticulates, which can be used as multifunctional fillers or as active components in a wide range of applications. A substrate which is of particular interest to the company is hollow glass microspheres (more info). The core technology of Microsphere Technology is the ability to coat glass and ceramic particles with nanometer thick layers of pigments, dyes, metals or metal oxides. The resulting coated particles provide lightweight, easily manipulated alternatives to conventional materials and can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

The properties of these composite materials, such as their low density and buoyancy in aqueous systems, result in them being used in areas as diverse as water and air purification, defence, aerospace, marine and automotive coatings, diagnostics and cosmetics.

Our strong technical team at Microsphere Technology also undertakes feasibility studies to customer target specifications.