Iron Coating Technology

As an alternative coating for use in the area of radar absorption, MTL has developed a technology for the deposition of ferromagnetic iron on particles.

Iron ball paint is an established coating for vehicles and items requiring a low radar image. Absorption of X-band radiation by the iron particles renders the coated vehicle invisible to radar as little or none of the waves are reflected. However, the high density of the iron particles has a significant impact on the weight of this paint and of any composites into which they are formulated. This additional payload means that, on aircraft in particular, only specific points and edges of greatest potential reflectivity can be coated to maintain the range of the aircraft as far a possible.

Any reduction in the density of the iron particles would, therefore, be seen as desirable. As it is understood that only a few microns of the iron particle surface are required to produce the absorption effect, MTL’s low density cores coated with a sufficient thickness of iron could possibly offer a route to such a reduction.