titania-coated-hollow-glass-microspheresISOSPHERES are designed to provide operators in the experimental fluid dynamics industry with high quality seeding materials that have excellent light scattering properties and with true densities engineered around that of water for maximum performance.

Hardware advances associated with the field of flow visualisation have not been matched by the development of a seeding material specifically designed for use in this application. We have addressed this limiting factor and developed ISOSPHERES as a dedicated product for this specialist market.

Working with industry experts, we have used our extensive expertise in coating hollow glass microspheres to engineer ISOSPHERES as a high quality seeding material.


Our ISOSPHERES-S product consists of hollow glass microspheres coated with silver. The silver coating improves the refractive and reflective properties for visualisation. The ISOSPHERES-S are available with different size ranges and densities so please contact us with your requirements.